Photo Contest

If you’ve taken any photos on our site, in any season, from any angle, the photo contest at Entre cîmes et racines is for you.


A selection committee will choose ten photographs as finalists based on the following criteria:

  • esthetics
  • evocative of the site or your stay.


The three main winners are then chosen by the members of our Facebook page.


Email your photos to: info@entrecimesetracines.comThe file must be in JPEG format and the smallest side should at least have 2 300 pixels. The files should not exceed 5 Mb.


Photos must be submitted before December 15, 2018.
Limit of 5 photos per participant.



First prize: $250 gift certificate *
Second prize: $150 gift certificate *
Third prize: $100 gift certificate *


*Applicable to products and services at Entre Cîmes et Racines.

Entre Cîmes et Racines reserves the right to use the winning contest photos for promotional purposes.


Immediate family members of the business owners and employees are excluded from the competition.

The winners of the 2017 photo competition
The winners of the 2016 photo competition
The winners of the 2015 photo competition
The winners of the 2014 photo competition